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The ultimate collection of MOMA goodies. This bundle includes a little bit of everything you can get on our online shop.  You just won't know where to start!

MOMA Mix - Mixed Bundles

A little more info

Some people say you can’t have your cake and eat it too. We say fiddlesticks to that – we have the MOMA Mix! This bundle includes a bit of everything from our online shop; 5 sachets of Cranberry & Raisin, Super Seeds, Coconut & Chia and Plain (No Added Sugar) Porridge, 1 Porridge Pot each of Plain, Golden Syrup, Plain (No Added Sugar), Cranberry & Raisin, Coconut & Chia, Super Seeds and our brand new Apple & Cinnamon. We have also thrown in there a box of Raspberry and Coconut Bircher Muesli mix, and finally for good measure we’ve popped in a couple of our Breakfast Smoothies; Mango & Peach and Strawberry & Banana. That's 30 products in total!

This bundle has it all, products for chilly days, breakfasts for warm days. Porridges for the sweet-toothed and sachets for the creative. You’re pretty much sorted for any occasion. To find out more about each product, take a look on their individual pages.

This is the breakfast bundle to envy, the talk of the town and quite simply the bee’s knees. Pop the MOMA Mix in your basket today for just £29.99 - that's just £1 per product! 

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